Photo Book Service

For the 2022-23 Season:

  • Preseason price: $30
  • After the season starts: $40

The price is higher once the season starts – I have to return to previous game photos to pull photos of your player.


I will contact you with payment options at the end of the season.


I have many more photos in my collection than I am able to post. For a modest fee, I will comb through my full collection each week and curate the best photos of your player.

CURATION: I charge a curation and editing fee. Editing includes cropping, adjusting the brightness for printing, and applying any effects that will enhance the look of the images and your final product.

BOOK PREPARATION: Using, I will design a keepsake book for you. A sample of the 8.5 x 8.5 inch book is shown below (hardcover, matte paper.) You will have the opportunity to review the book before printing. Books start at about $20 and go up from there depending on the size, type of cover, paper finish, and number of pages. usually has coupons, so the cost of the book is flexible. Once you are happy with the book design, you can directly order from the website and ship to your home. If you prefer to order a book from another provider, I will provide you with a download link to the set of edited images.

I will begin creating the books as soon as the season is complete. I will email you with your link to review the book within a couple of weeks.

Thank you!